Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-Engineered Buildings offer many benefits over conventional construction methods. Designing your project using a pre-engineered building can save you time and money while still enabling your project to be built to the same specifications and similar architectural design parameters as a conventional building.

Demien Construction has years of experience working with pre-engineered buildings and can guarantee your project will be built with the highest quality materials. Because quality is of the utmost importance, Demien Construction is proud to be partnering with Butler Manufacturing™ the largest network of construction professionals in the world.

Butler Manufacturing™ has remained the industry leader in systems construction (often referred to as “pre-engineered”) for more than 60 years. Butler® buildings today are used for a wide variety of applications, including office complexes, churches, recreational facilities, medical buildings and much more.

If you choose a pre-engineered building with Demien Construction, you can be assured of design flexibility, guaranteed quality materials and an efficiently installed structural system that will bring your project to completion in less time than conventional construction.

Working with Demien Construction if you choose a pre-engineered building, you can be assured of design flexibility, quality materials and efficient installation."